Player’s Entering Scores In Competition’s

Following the setting up of a Player Score Entry System all competitors will be required to assist the Committee by entering their own scores as follows.
At the discretion of the committee in charge of any competition the following club rule will be effective and all competitors must ensure that they return their cards using this system. Any exceptions, player’s will be notified in advance of the competition.

Club Rule: Players responsibility to record their score on the computer.

Decision 6-6b/8 Requirement that score be entered into computer.

To Assist in the administration of competitions and handicaps at Harwood Golf Club.
The Competition Committee have passed that all competitor’s in addition to signing and returning their scorecard as required by the rules of golf rule 6-6.b, must also enter their scores, including non returns, into the computer player entry system. Any disputes relating to a competitor’s score will always be referred back to the original scorecard under the Rules of Golf. In addition, the committee in charge of the competition, may require all competitor’s to “sign in” on the computer player entry system prior to their tee time they must ensure they do so before competing.

Any player who fails to follow the above rule and enter their score incorrectly may be banned from further competitions at the Club Committees discretion

It is recognised that the use of computers to log competition scores and calculate results is commonplace and that such methods can greatly assist Committees in the administration of competitions. However, the use of a computer in such a way does not override the requirement in the Rules of Golf that a score card, containing the competitor’s handicap (Rule 6-2b) and signed by the marker and competitor, must be returned to the Committee as soon as possible after completion of the round (see Rule 6-6b).

In addition, while the Committee may introduce a requirement that competitors enter their scores into a computer, any penalty imposed by the Committee for a failure to meet this requirement would have to be of a disciplinary nature, not involving a penalty under the Rules of Golf, such as disqualification (see Decision 6-6b/8).

Although the necessity for setting up a detailed recording system is not as essential in match play competitions as it is for stroke play, it is important that players know where they should report the result of a match and with which player this responsibility lies, e.g. the winner of the match.

6-6. Scoring in Stroke Play

a)        Recording Scores

After each hole the marker should check the score with the competitor and record it. On completion of the round the marker must sign the score card and hand it to the competitor. If more than one marker records the scores, each must sign for the part for which he is responsible.

b)        Signing and Returning Score Card

After completion of the round, the competitor should check his score for each hole and settle any doubtful points with the Committee. He must ensure that the marker or markers have signed the score card, sign the score card himself and return it to the Committee as soon as possible.

c)         Alteration of scorecard

No alteration may be made on a scorecard after the competitor has returned it to the committee



Before starting a match in a handicap competition, the players should determine from one another their respective handicaps. If a player begins a match having declared a handicap higher than that to which he is entitled and this affects the number of strokes given or received, he is disqualified; otherwise, the player must play off the declared handicap.

Competition Rules:

All competitions are played in strict accordance with the Rules of Golf, Local Rules, Harwood Golf Course & Club Regulations and any other Special Rules/Conditions formulated for a particular event.

Players failing to show up will forfeit their entry fee. Failure to pay their entry fee for a no show will be subject to suspension from the next 2 competitions.

Late entries on the day of a competition will incur a surcharge of £1. At the discretion of the competition committee late entries after the cut off date/time may still be able to enter without incurring a surcharge if there are spaces available & must contact the competition secretary on 07710 546227 via text or phone for player's to be added to the start sheet. 

Local Rules:

Plugged ball in the rough - lift, cleaned & dropped within 1 club length not nearer the hole

When the preferred lies rule is in force the player may, on closely mown areas (eg: fairway) lift, clean & place the ball within 6 inches not nearer the hole

Winter Competition Rules:

Mats; when playing off mats, a ball lying on the fairway must be played off the mat, the mat must be placed adjacent to where the ball lay, the ball placed on the mat not nearer the hole, (subject to casual water below). The mat may be anchored to the fairway using a tee peg but the ball MUST NOT be placed on a tee peg. The ball should be played along the length of the mat and not be “teed up” on the short side.

Mats MUST be used on the teeing ground if an iron/hybrid club is being used. The ball may be placed on a tee peg.

· Preferred Lies; Mark the original position of the ball then place replace it within 6 inches no nearer the hole; Note; once replaced it is in play and cannot be relifted and replaced. Ball may be cleaned. (See special local Rule for Preferred Lies.)

· Casual Water on fairway/rough; The ball can be dropped within one club length of the nearest place of relief. Ball may be cleaned

· Casual water on the green; when the water is on the putting line of a ball lying on the green, the ball may be moved to the nearest position to where it lay to afford maximum available relief but not nearer the hole; note this position may not be on the green.

A ball lying on the fringe of the green may only be moved in accordance with the ‘Preferred Lie’ rule above.

· Bunkers: During the winter period all bunkers are classified as Out-of-Play. A ball lying in a bunker may be dropped out of the bunker not nearer the hole in line with its original position and the flag, without penalty.

· Ball plugged in the rough; the ball can be lifted, cleaned and dropped not nearer the hole.

· Tine holes; if the ball comes to rest on a tine hole it may be replaced at the nearest point avoiding the tine hole.


Useful Info:

Rules of golf click on this link - Rules of Golf

CONGU Handicap link - CONGU


Neil Stirling (Handicap & Competition Secretary)

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