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Golf Terms

These are just a few of many golfing terms. Local rules pertaining to Harwood Golf Club can be found on the back of the score card and any relevant information about the course e.g. when preferred lies are permitted, are displayed on the board at the entrance of the course.

Discussion after golf in the clubhouse with experienced golfers will usually answer any golfing queries or refer to the R &A rule book.

Term Description
Through the Green A ball is considered “Through the green” anywhere on the course except for the Tee ground or Putting green.
Provisional Ball –  Rule 18.3 If after playing a shot, you think your ball may be lost outside of a penalty area or out of bounds , you should play a Provisional ball. The player must inform fellow competitors that they intend to play a Provisional ball. You can continue to play the Provisional ball until the original ball is found. If the original ball is lost or out of bounds you must continue to play the provisional ball and incur a one shot penalty.
Preferred Lies During the period when preferred lies are permitted ( usually 1st October through to 30th April), you have the option to clean the ball and place it within 6 inches of the original spot not nearer the hole. The ball position should be marked before it is lifted.
GUR GUR or “Ground under repair” is an area of the course considered unfit for play. It is usually marked by a white circle or red stakes. Relief from GUR can be taken when your ball, stance or intended swing is interfered with. When dropping from GUR you must take the nearest Point of relief ( stance) and one club length. When the ball is dropped ( from knee height) , it must be no nearer the hole.