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Lightning Policy

  1. Everyone associated with the game of golf should participate in ‘Lightning Safety’.
  2. We allow players to discontinue play if they believe there is a danger from lightning.
  3. A good rule for everyone is:
    • “If you see it, flee it”.
    • “If you hear it, clear it”.
  4. We recommend suspending activities when thunder and lightning are in the area.
  5. Flee to a safe place.  Where is a safe place?
    • Go to a large permanent building of a fully enclosed metal vehicle (car or van);
    • Avoid trees since they attract lightening;
    • Avoid small on-course shelters.  They are intended for rain shelter;
    • Don’t wait around for the next lightning strike.
  6. The Pro Shop will blow the horn when lightening is in the area.
  7. Our employees will suspend duties when lightning is in the area.
  8. In a competition, mark you ball and leave the course immediately.